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We are always looking for new volunteers so if you would like to be part of The Windsor Street Angels then please get in touch and join us as an observer one evening.

Anyone over the age of 18, from any walk of life can become a Street Angel. It is an exciting and rewarding way to meet like-minded people and to give back to your community.

Our Street Angels patrol Windsor on a Friday and Saturday night from 9.30pm – 4.30am at the moment due to Covid-19 our shift time is reduced to 20.30 – 00.30 to mirror the opening times of the local bars and pubs. This will continue to change in line with government restrictions and according to the timings of the night time economy and we anticipate a return to the normal shift times once clubs reopen.

Our hub is currently closed but we hope it will reopen this Summer at such time as it is safe to welcome people indoors again without any distancing requirements. This is to ensure the safety of those we help, our teams and the other people and groups that use the space where we are based.

There’s no minimum commitment – we have angels who volunteer on a regular rota and others who angel on an ad hoc basis around their other commitments.

As a Windsor Street Angel or Hub Angel you will receive free training in the following areas:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Use of the Radio
  • CCTV
  • Conflict Management
  • Observational Skills
  • Working with the Homeless
  • Vulnerability Awareness
  • Drugs Awareness

Want to learn more? Why not come and join us one evening as an observer? It’s the perfect way to meet the team and experience what a shift is like.

If you would like any further details please call David on 07816848231 or drop us an email at wcastreetangels@gmail.com

Ready to join up? Read the Windsor Street Angels Guidelines, complete the application form below and we will contact you.

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    Windsor Street Angels is part of Windsor Christian Action, registered charity number 1154308.