Street Angel of the month

Name: Andy Packer

Age: 54              Marital Status: Married

Children Yes: 2 girls                         Ages: 27 & 24

Interests: Rugby (Exeter Chiefs – I’m from Devon), Cricket, Walking, Photography

How did you hear about Street Angels?:

Through the churches in Slough

How long have you been a volunteer?

My first night out as a Street Angel was in Slough on 7th December 2012. I joined Windsor Street Angels when Slough Street Angels closed.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

What I enjoy most about Street Angels is meeting people, including both other ‘Angels’ and the people we meet on the streets. Also the knowledge that we can look back at the end of a ‘shift’ and genuinely know we have help someone is very rewarding.

Are there any challenges you face doing the role?

Getting up the next next morning when you have only got to bed at 5.30 AM !

How would Windsor Town Centre be without The Street Angels?

Like Windsor many towns have benefitted from having Street Angels assisting the night-time economy. The pressure Street Angels take off the police, Ambulance service and A&E cannot be underestimated. We do really make a difference.

What is your most memorable moment with The Street Angels?

Over the last 4+ years many things stick in my mind, both serious and humorous: from protecting a young lady who was being ‘stalked’ by 4 young men, to watching a young man’s hand move from his girlfriends bottom to her shoulder in nano-seconds when he noticed my colleagues clerical collar !

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of becoming a Street Angel?

Give it a go! If you’re able to walk and stand around for long periods, enjoy meeting and talking with people and having a good laugh with an amazing group of volunteers, my advice is this: Get in contact, come out with us on an ‘observation’ and give it a try! (It really is something special).


A message from Windsor Street Angels Co-ordinator PCSO David Bullock

“In January 2017 Andy joined us from Slough Street Angels where he had volunteered for a number of years. He brought with him a wealth of knowledge and ability and has proved to be a major asset to Windsor Street Angels. Andy demonstrates excellent leadership qualities and is a fantastic team player. He is extremely well liked and respected and in the short time he has been with us he has made an incredibly positive impact. From me and the rest of the team thank you.”